The smart coffee table Sobro is not only suitable for any interior, but also takes your place in the hearts of its owners due to its functionality and thoughtful details, which is so rare in modern furniture.

A novice cools drinks, charges gadgets with wired and wireless methods, highlights the floor at night, if a tenant chooses to drink some water or something else to do under cover of night, speaks in the generation of Bluetooth speaker and so on. It is possible to enter a novelty practically into any design decision. The top table top is equipped with a touch panel. It controls all the functions of the device, for example, turns on the TV or music. At the bottom there are USB ports, as well as sockets for charging and connecting any gadgets: tablet, smartphone, laptop, e-book and others. There is a special cutout for the passage of wires. There is a wonderful table and a Bluetooth 4.0 module. It can connect to almost any device, even smart TVs. This stylish piece of furniture was also equipped with a pair of cabinets, two speakers and a night LED light.

The Red Shark pedal trimaran is designed primarily for cyclists who want to try their hand at water.

It was developed by former BMW designer Joseph Rubau. The novelty was presented at the Sea Otter Europe exhibition. In fact, Red Shark is a combination of a bicycle and a boat. The trimaran is made mainly of carbon and has three models – Sport, Adventure and Fun. The device is easy to fold. It is equipped with a steering wheel, drive shaft of anti-corrosion material and other stainless steel parts. Red Shark is transported on a regular bike trailer. Red Shark Sport is designed for sports training. Depending on the chosen method of training, you can change the configuration of the cockpit, including, giving it the shape of a bicycle lounger.

Diabetes is the scourge of our planet that has hit hundreds of millions of people. It is accompanied by serious adverse pathologies. Among other things, there is a high risk of slow vision loss due to cell death in the blood vessels located in the region of the eyeball.
You can more or less successfully fight visual impairment with a variety of laser and invasive therapy technologies, but researchers are working on the most effective techniques. A team from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has demonstrated its own development.

The company Hovershoes X1, a subsidiary of InMotion, introduced its latest novelty – hoverbot.

It is very reminiscent of the fabulous boots that carry the owner on the road without any effort on his part, not in appearance, but in essence. Structurally, this is a pair of mini-platforms with motors and a balancing mechanism that are mounted on each leg. Each copy of Hovershoes weighs 2.7 kg, has a 250-watt motor and a 54 Wh battery. This provides a cruising range of 8 km at a speed of up to 8 km / h, something like jogging. In this case, hoverboats can climb a slope at an angle of 9 degrees and carry 80 kg of load. A controversial advantage, it is also a key feature of hoverbots – in the autonomous operation of each device of the pair. They have the same characteristics, but an individual balancing system, which allows you to perform extremely unusual maneuvers.