Fiberbot robots are able to build a Martian colony without human intervention

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February 22, 2017
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Fiberbot robots are able to build a Martian colony without human intervention

Fiberglass remains one of the most controversial building materials, because with all its excellent properties, the issue of a threat to human health when working with it has not been decided so far (the fiber causes skin irritation, visual impairment and breathing problems when in contact with it).

And he is unlikely to have a solution at all – it is so much easier to completely remove a person from the construction site, replacing him with a robot. One of them, named Fiberbot, has already been successfully test at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Fiberbots, though not similar to a spider, does a similar job – wraps, like a victim, the base of a piece with a filigree fiberglass thread.

She comes along with a sticky resin to immediately form a stable woven structure, and the pattern of weaving can be very different. When the layer is ready, the robot lowers the membrane from which the base is made, moves itself to the end of the part, inflates the membrane and begins to weave the newest section, which is a monolithic round with the past.

If necessary, the robot can change the angles of the base and make it so that the structure formed by it will rotate and bend in space. For example, to dock with elements that other robots wove.

In the experiment of researchers MIT, a composition of woven stems of fiberglass with a height of up to 4.5 m stood for a razinutyh spirit of seven months, calmly enduring the difficult winter weather of Massachusetts.
Fiberbot is a prototype, a demonstration of the very concept that not everything can be done with fiberglass, however, it is necessary to entrust the robots.

Because it is harmless and suddenly allows you to create unprecedented things. Moreover, such a robot after a responsible upgrade will be able to work in real extreme conditions.

For example, Fiberbot can build all the frameworks of buildings, bridges, pillars, fences and other basic elements of the architecture of the first Martian colony.

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