Sobro – a multifunctional coffee smart table

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November 22, 2017
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Sobro – a multifunctional coffee smart table

The smart coffee table Sobro is not only suitable for any interior, but also takes your place in the hearts of its owners due to its functionality and thoughtful details, which is so rare in modern furniture.

A novice cools drinks, charges gadgets with wired and wireless methods, highlights the floor at night, if a tenant chooses to drink some water or something else to do under cover of night, speaks in the generation of Bluetooth speaker and so on.

It is possible to enter a novelty practically into any design decision. The top table top is equipped with a touch panel. It controls all the functions of the device, for example, turns on the TV or music.

At the bottom there are USB ports, as well as sockets for charging and connecting any gadgets: tablet, smartphone, laptop, e-book and others. There is a special cutout for the passage of wires.

There is a wonderful table and a Bluetooth 4.0 module. It can connect to almost any device, even smart TVs. This stylish piece of furniture was also equipped with a pair of cabinets, two speakers and a night LED light.

The first box is the most common, and it is designed to store magazines, not heavy objects, and so on. The second is a cooling chamber for cooling the owner’s favorite drinks. Sobro also has a mobile application that allows you to block boxes, control the backlight, connect to mobile gadgets and play music.

Last year, a startup successfully raised funds for the production of a Sobro coffee smart table. Therefore, the reliability of the manufacturer is less doubt. Pre-order for the Sobro coffee table model is already available for $ 399 for 1 copy.

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